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WARNING: Our civil liberties are under attack with Ron Paul Tulsi discusses our civil liberties being under attack. Listen to the third episode of The Tulsi Gabbard Show.
2nd Amendment: Why our right to bear arms "shall not be infringed" — with Rep. Steve Scalise Tulsi Gabbard tackles the second amendment and her history with gun rights. The former Hawaii Congresswoman and combat veteran explains what experiences caused her to rethink her previously held views. She discusses this and more with House Minority Whip, Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise, as they recount the harrowing story of his attempted assassination in 2017 and arduous road to recovery. This emotional conversation delves into how that near-death experience reinforced Steve's views on the second amendment and strengthened his relationship with God.
The Right to Religious Liberty - With Jay Sekulow Tulsi Gabbard opens up about the importance of her faith and how the Democratic party has come to resent religion. The former Hawaii Congresswoman shares how her personal relationship with God grounded her on the presidential campaign trail while opening her eyes to the growing hostility from inside the party towards people of faith. Tulsi is joined by Chief Counsel of the American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ), Jay Sekulow to discuss his career defending religious liberty and the ongoing battles that threaten this essential freedom.
'Woke' Gender Lies, Child Abuse, and Mutiliation - with Chloe Cole Tulsi Gabbard exposes the truth about "gender affirming care" for minors. The 2020 presidential candidate sheds light on this alarming trend in American culture that has resulted in teens seeking out medical procedures to permanently alter their biological sex. Gabbard calls out Democratic party officials who are either burying their heads in the sand or using their power to punish parents for objecting to these dangerous treatments. Tulsi is then joined by Chloe Cole who shares the incredible story about her gender transition at age 13 and the harrowing journey to detransition and reclaim her identity.
Thankful Tulsi Gabbard opens up about what she is most grateful for in this emotional Thanksgiving message. The soldier and combat veteran reflects on the sacrifices of her brothers and sisters in uniform, and the oath they’ve taken.
Tulsi & Riley Gaines talk Lia Thomas, Women’s Sports and Modern Feminism Tulsi Gabbard talks about the question of modern feminism and the danger of efforts to erase women as an entire category of people. The 2020 presidential candidate is joined by 12x All American and 4x SEC Championship gold medal swimmer, Riley Gaines. They discuss fairness in women's sports, what it was like competing against transgender swimmer Lia Thomas, and her mission to redefine feminism for the 21st century.
The War on Women Tulsi Gabbard talks with Taylor Silverman about how the Title IX legislation of 1972 changed the game for women in sports, and how President Biden's attempt to rewrite this would cause irreparable damage for generations to come. Gabbard breaks down the science, takes a deeper look into this ongoing war on objective truth and explores how this leads to even greater societal ramifications.
The War on Women-Part 2 Tulsi Gabbard speaks with 2x UFC Strawweight Champion Carla Esparza about her ascension to the top of mixed martial arts, suffering defeat, and her arduous journey back to being world champ again. The former Congresswoman and MMA pioneer discuss Title IX, law enforcement training, mental discipline and the unexpected life lessons that come from being a professional fighter.
Tucker Carlson: life, death, power, the CIA & the end of journalism Tulsi Gabbard sits down with the most-watched cable news host in the country, Tucker Carlson. They share candid thoughts on the state of the mainstream media, why Tucker almost joined the CIA, and the powerful influence of the national security state on Congress. They open up about the temporary nature of life, the reality of death, and finding peace in God’s love, sharing a side of themselves that few people ever see.
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